RTH potato quarters
RTH potato quarters

​washed, peeled and cooked potato quarters



Packaging format

bag 2 kg
This product lends itself for a perfect roast. Ready in a few minutes!


  • ​Crispy on the outside , soft on the inside
  • large pieces for real potato taste
  • golden color baked



  • ready to eat, fully cooked
  • no need to drain the bag
No surprises: Constant quality throughout the year.
1kg bought= 1kg prepared 

  • Combi oven :                                10-15 minutes
  • rapid cook microwave oven:   4 minutes
  • microwave
  • regeneration oven
  • cold served
  • pan                                                 10 minutes
​Ingredients: potato, salt

 Nutritional value: For more information about nutritional values or allergens please see:  PS in Foodservice
Storage advice:
Chilled storage, 1-7 degrees Celsius


BagsNett. weight(kg)EAN
Cardboard Box612

'8710556620110​ - CU

8710556812133 - TU

Pallet5 layers x 8 boxes = 40 boxes480 


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