about us

Since 1967, together with the growers, we have been selecting the best potatoes. We wash them in spring water from our own well and we parboil them briefly. What we believe in? In getting the best out of the earth.

CêlaVíta is located in Wezep, between Zwolle and the Hoge Veluwe. We have been processing potatoes here since 1967; on the North side of this beautiful nature reserve.

CêlaVíta employs over 250 enthusiasts who all have one thing in common: a passion for potatoes! They work to give you quality and tasteful potatoes. This journey begins in the fields with the potato growers and ends with delicious potato creations on your plate!

Our food service range consists of potato products tailored to large-scale consumers. Different sectors naturally require different solutions. Do you need to prepare a large number of meals or just a few? Do you have time for ‘mise-en-place’ or must the meal be ready shortly after ordering? For all these requirements, you need products that best suit your situation.

Our R&D department develops products that meet the needs of professional chefs. To produce the perfect product, we combine our expertise with your knowledge of the target group and usage. Whatever industry you are in, we have the right product for you.

What will you be eating tomorrow ?