How it all started

CêlaVíta invented the parisienne! This small, flavorful potato was introduced to the market more than 40 years ago and has never left.

Historically small potatoes did not make it to the dinner table. They were rejected for consumption because cleaning them was too much work. So these small potatoes were kept aside and resold as animal feed. This is where the story of CêlaVíta begins. Using these potatoes – CêlaVíta was born!

CêlaVíta started in 1967 sorting potatoes. Part of these potatoes were sold to feed companies. In 1972, the processing of small potatoes for human consumption started. To relieve the burden of cleaning and scraping the ware potatoes at home, we decided to offer the new potatoes fresh and scraped. This was a hit! Convenience for consumers, but also value for the potato growers. They could now get more yield from each hectare of land.

Ease of use for consumers, but also for potato growers

CêlaVíta B.V., founded in 1967 as Vita, became a processing company engaged in washing, sorting and packaging consumer potatoes. Gradually it evolved into a company producing chilled convenience potato products for the retail and food service industries.

Since its founding, CêlaVíta has been a leader in retail for blanched potato products for Dutch households. Over the years we have developed strongly and also entered the foreign market. However, one thing has remained the same: the love for potatoes!

CêlaVíta and McCain

Since 2012, CêlaVíta has been part of the McCain group of companies: a leading global company in the food industry and one of the largest manufacturers of frozen potato specialties.

Quality and certifications

We make every effort to ensure the consistent quality of our entire assortment; from cultivation to delivery.


You can find our chilled CêlaVita retail products at most of the retailers in the BenNeLux. On our consumer website(NL) you can find more information about our retail assortment.

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