Corporate Social Responsibility

CêlaVíta historically grew her business fighting ‘waste’, because we decided to bring small potatoes to the market, peeled and washed, rather than being used as pet food.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is at the core of our organization and is in our purpose: “Celebrating real connections, through delicious, planet-friendly food.”

“Celebrating real connections, through delicious, planet-friendly food”

Because we extract a rich natural product, the potato, from the earth, we see it as our highest goal to give something back to the earth. Therefore, we have the tag line: “Getting the best out of the soil, together. ” This is how we help create a sustainable future for the next generation of potato growers!

We consciously handle the process materials in our production. Water is one of the essential materials in our process that we use. For instance for blanching and boiling the potato, but also for transport, potato selection and production cleaning. We pump this water up from our own source and then use it as sustainably as possible. We use and reuse the water as often as possible and clean it before returning it. The residual heat of the water is given to the local swimming pool, so that they can keep their energy costs low.

Watermanagement at CêlaVíta

As a company driven by our values, how we deal with tomorrow’s world is vital. Our sustainability strategy has 4 pillars:

  • Sustainable cultivation
  • Efficient production
  • Products and health
  • Socially committed

These pillars stand on a solid foundation of safety, respect, integrity and protection.

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